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 At Get Green Solar, we're a team of dedicated professionals eager to work with you on maximizing the use of sustainable green energy in your residential and commercial buildings. We offer reliable and long-lasting solar solutions for a better tomorrow. From initial consultations to solar panel installations, our team will take you through each process without a hassle. We even offer free smart Nest thermostat with every installation. After all, it's not just about saving the environment but also about you satisfaction. Contact us today, and together we'll make the Earth a better place to live!

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Calculating the ROI of Solar?

 An average home needs a solar system that produces about 5 kilowatts (kW). A system that size typically costs between $25,000 – $35,000 before incentives. After incentives, that cost may drop to as low as $12,000 to $15,000. The average electricity use for US households is 11,000-kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. As of November 2017, the average electricity rate in the US was $0.1301 per kWh. That pencils out to an average cost of $1,430 per year for electricity. For a $12,000 system, you’d break even in 8 years and 4 months. For a $15,000 system, you break even in 10 years and 6 months. Thus, the hypothetical average homeowner can expect to break even in 8 to 10 years. ( Actually 4-5 Years in some Markets) 

 Nearly all home solar power systems come with 25-year equipment warranties. Even with a 10-year breakeven period, the hypothetical homeowner above would receive roughly a 150% return on their investment. The only risk to the homeowner is losing those savings if their system breaks down and they aren’t aware that it stopped working. With most solar companies, you don’t know your system has stopped working until you receive an unusually high utility bill and you don’t recoup those costs. 



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